Artist Statement

I craft a powerful visual image that commands presence and poses an urgent attention. I make art that expresses my own inner emotions in a less physical dynamic. I work in an earnest fashion that displays my technical skill. My viewers should walk away with an experience that makes them question what they have known about the subjects that I explore before they saw my work.
I have a passion towards painting. I have always felt the brush mark holds both my best expression alongside my strongest details. Oil on Panel has been my favorite choice to work with. The marriage of painting and the spontaneity of a print is why I also work in monotype. Both processes of work build upon one another and have created my style of making. My process is often heavily weighed on the planning of the final image. Sketching and source materials both viewed from life and photo are utilized.
My current work has built itself upon my understanding of fire. As a second-generation volunteer firefighter I have experienced a great number of events. Those experiences have carried into my work, moving from work of fighting fires that came previously. I am exploring the interaction of fire and the structures it envelops. The work itself is transitory, with fragile structure. A display of conflict of control, the imminence of collapse is evident. The fire is no longer a literal illustration but a conceptual metaphor for weakness. My intent is to convey an exploration of strength, what endures and what is extinguished.

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